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Matco News and Moving Tips

Matco Moving Solutions Acquires I-Care Office Solutions of Edmonton Strengthens Position in the Commercial Moving Market

Matco Moving Solutions, a fully integrated provider of residential and commercial domestic and international moving services, household goods relocation and warehousing, has acquired I-Care Office Solutions of Edmonton, Alberta. The purchase adds to Matco's growing commercial relocation business and provides Matco entry into the office [...]

How do I Prepare my Appliances for Moving?

Your major appliances, such as your refrigerator, washing machine, drier, and dishwasher, are probably the heaviest and most costly items that your residential movers will need to handle. To ensure that your appliances have a safe trip to your new home and are ready to [...]

How to Pack Books

They’re small, portable, and usually, don’t have any fancy technology built into them, but the books in your library can still be one of the more challenging parts of your move. Without a little organization and planning, your books can easily become the [...]

When is the Best Time to Move?

The short answer is that it depends. There’s no single “best” time to move. There’s only the best time for you. If you’re renting and for one reason or another have to be out by the first of the month, then the decision [...]

How to Pack Up and Move Your Child’s Room

Packing up your children’s belongings can be a difficult process that takes up a lot of your time and attention. With so much going on, it’s difficult to decide what will be brought to the new home and what won’t. Fortunately, at Matco [...]

The Best Way to Pack Your Wardrobe

Although moving companies can take a lot of the stress out of moving, they can’t do everything. To make sure your clothes are packed exactly right you should plan ahead. If you keep these tips in mind, packing your wardrobe for the movers should [...]

Moving Scams and How to Avoid Them

Moving can be an incredibly stressful experience. One of the last things you need is to find out that your moving company isn’t quite what they made themselves out to be. A lot of moving companies out there use deceptive tactics and inconvenience [...]

How to Pack Up Your Liquor Cabinet

Packing your liquor cabinet is a delicate task that requires precision and careful attention to detail. Your bottles of wine and liquor can be extremely expensive, so it’s important that you take the time to pack your cabinet properly to avoid damaging any [...]

How to Pack Your Valuables Before a Move

Before a move, the biggest worry for most people is simple: what’s going to happen to all of my valuables? We at Matco Moving Solutions in Calgary, Edmonton and other Canadian locations understand the apprehension that comes with handing your expensive belongings over [...]

How to Prevent Injuries While Moving

Let’s face it, moving to a new home causes enough stress without the constant worry that you might hurt yourself in the process. We at Matco Moving Solutions in Edmonton and Calgary offer a variety of moving solutions for any occasion. We know [...]

How to Safely Move Breakable Items

Moving can be a massive undertaking and take weeks, or even months to prepare for. Thankfully, Matco Moving Solutions is available in Calgary and Edmonton with movers on the go to help you in numerous ways. From setting up your pre-moving plan to partial or [...]

How to Move Perishable & Pantry Food Items

If you’re planning out the logistics of your upcoming residential move, one thing you’ll need to consider is what to do with your food items. Not only are there the things in your fridge and pantry to think about, but many of us also [...]

Moving with Musical Instruments

Moving can be a hectic process, especially when you have fragile or valuable items to transport. You may have paid quite a bit of money for your musical instruments, so you will want to ensure that they remain in good condition during a [...]

How to Beat the Summer Heat when Moving

Summer is peak moving season. It is also the time in which temperatures are also at the highest and though there are many fun in the sun activities, moving is not one of them. Over-exertion in the heat can quickly cause heat illnesses [...]

What Can I Deduct on My Taxes After a Move?

Did you know that you can claim certain moving expenses on your taxes? The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) allows people in some circumstances to claim a variety of items after they move. This could help to offset the overall cost of relocation, so [...]

Keeping Hazardous Items Safe in Your Home

Storing hazardous items properly is imperative. You may not even realize that some items are potentially hazardous. However, many products in the home can be harmful if not stored in the proper way. Tips from Your Trusted Local Storage and Moving Company in [...]